‘I haven’t been alone since’: Sandra Bullock recalls hiding in the closet during terrifying home invasion

Sandra Bullock has opened up about a terrifying incident that saw a stranger break into her home as she hid in a closet, scared for her life. The 57-year-old actress gushed about her children Louis and Laila on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Live show Red Table Talk and opened up about a home invasion that

Ellidy Pullin introduces baby daughter Minnie to Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin’s parents in touching video

Ellidy Pullin has shared the touching moment her late husband Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin’s parents met their baby granddaughter Minnie for the first time. The widow of Olympic snowboarder Alex gave birth to Minnie over a year after he drowned while spearfishing in Queensland age 32, as his sperm was collected following his death. Ellidy, 29,

Lindsay Lohan announces she is engaged to boyfriend of more than two years

Actress Lindsay Lohan announced she is engaged to Bader Shammas in a series of cuddly Instagram photos on Sunday morning. “My love. My life. My family. My future,” Lohan wrote on her verified Instagram account, tagging Shammas and adding a diamond ring emoji. The post features four low-resolution photos showing the two in a happy

Fans questioning Tori Spelling’s marriage after Christmas photos posted

Tori Spelling is facing tough questions about the state of her marriage after she shared Christmas photos featuring stockings, one for herself and one for each of her five children. Missing from the display, however, is her husband Dean’s stocking. In the post we see Spelling standing in front of a fireplace holding her own

Adele makes rare appearance to mark four years since Grenfell Tower fire

Adele has made a rare appearance to show her support on the four-year anniversary of London’s Grenfell Tower fire. The 33-year-old ‘Hello’ singer was featured in a YouTube video on Monday, June 14, where she delivered a powerful message to pay tribute to the families of victims and survivors for the 2017 fire that killed

Noel Clarke accused of sexual harassment on ‘Doctor Who’ set; BBC ‘shocked’ and will investigate

Embattled British star Noel Clarke has been accused of misbehaviour of the sets of BBC’s flagship show Doctor Who — the program that helped turn him into a household name in the UK. “Several sources came forward to allege they were sexually harassed or inappropriately touched by the actor on a flagship show, Doctor Who,”

10 problematic films that could use warning labels

(Opinion – Variety.com) – It’s now widely accepted that despite being a beloved classic, Gone With the Wind needs an explanation of its context when it’s screened on TV or in theatres. HBO Max says it will eventually restore the Oscar-winning film to the service, but with “context and framing.” It’s a start, but Hollywood’s

Superbee – Shooting Star Lyrics

Hangul Back in the day When i was a little kid 그땐 몰랐었네 이렇게나 이룰진 I’ve Imagined this life Shooting star가 되는 중 소원을 다 이룬 뒤에 유성 그 자체가 되는 꿈 많은 동료들이 짧은 돈 멀리 못갈 인지도에 취해 한눈을 파네 like fetty wap 3번째 눈이라도 뜨면 다행이겠네 예술가는 래퍼를 못이겨서 승만 챙길게, yehh

Blakfish – Scotland’s Worst Invention Lyrics

I hate TV Watch a film instead Hundreds of channels Still nothing on Except for What Not To Wear And now on, on Sky One The Simpsons I’ve seen this one Previously on Lost We’re going to watch fifteen minutes that you’ve already watched And ’cause every episode’s exactly the same We’re going to leave

AIDA HI SOHNI Lyrics and Video Song – Rohanpreet Singh

Ni tu aida hi sohni aeHaaye jidda rehni aeGabru aashiq hunde neJadon hass jeya paini ae Ankhan de vich jaadu aeJivein koi noor ilahiKaali Versace paakeKyon aini agg hai laayiTaur de ki kehne haaye sohniyoNakhre reh gaye ne haaye sohniyo Chori chori laini ae phullan toh khushbooDinde ne bhor gawaahiOffer kinne din de aunde nePar

Blac Youngsta – Booty (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro] Yung Lan on the track [Verse 1: Young Jeezy] Chicken in the spot, jerk (jerk) What’s it in the pot? Work (work, woo) Push button start, hit one button, turn the whole top to a vert (damn) Let the AK squirt (boom) Lamborghini truck, purp (oh) Nigga play with me, merked (yeah) Then where

Duran Duran – Too Much Information (Album Version)

[Chorus] Destroyed by MTV I hate to bite the hand that Feeds me so much information The pressure’s on the screen To sell you things that you don’t need It’s too much information for me [Verse 1] Hey TV child look into my eyes Here by intervention I want your attention Promotion boy in a

Aidonia Hits Mainstream British Market Now Turns To Africa

Enjoying arguably the best year of his career, dancehall star Aidonia appears to be on a resolute path to conquer new terrains amid broadening his musical horizon. Back from a three-week stint in Europe where he connected with new and existing fans while reaffirming his brand. The 4th Genna boss has now turned his attention

Private Lives – Moon Machines (No Future Album)

I can still remember The last time we played on Top Gear And though each little song Was less than three minutes long Mike squeezed a solo in… somehow And although we like our longer tunes It seemed polite to cut them down To little bits – they might be hits Who gives an… after

Curren$y – Who Styled Ya Lyrics

From now on let’s just keep everything Yup Spitta Welcome To The Winner’s Circle nigga Thou shall not front on real shit Or he’ll face a thousand deaths from this the spit vicious I go hard like concrete floors Make bitches legs open like Lambo doors Up, out Nigga rich the first season BBC, I’m