Baz Luhrmann shares heartbreaking tribute to Romeo + Juliet choirboy Quindon Tarver following shock death at age 38

Australian director Baz Luhrmann has shared a heartbreaking tribute to Romeo + Juliet actor Quindon Tarver following his shock death aged 38. Tarver, who made his mark as a child actor in the Romeo + Juliet wedding scene, died in a car crash in Texas on April 2. Luhrmann directed the iconic 1996 film and

Tom Hanks recalls the Australian creature that terrified him during filming in Queensland

Tom Hanks is still haunted after multiple encounters with an Australian creature in Queensland. The Forrest Gump actor, 64, called beach worms the “scariest animal” that “look like something that the Mandalorian has to flee from.” “That would be a type of worm that lives in the sand of beaches in Australia. I’ll send you