Aretha Franklin’s granddaughter’s American Idol audition leads to debate with judges

Being the granddaughter of a legendary singer won’t necessarily win you a golden ticket on American Idol. Grace Franklin, whose grandmother is the late Aretha Franklin, learned that after she auditioned for the singing competition. The 15-year-old appeared in Sunday’s episode of American Idol and sang the Lauryn Hill version of the Roberta Flack hit

Jennifer Hudson shines as Aretha Franklin in Respect trailer

Jennifer Hudson is earning everyone’s respect as Aretha Franklin in the new trailer for the upcoming biopic about the Queen of Soul. Released during the BET Awards, the trailer starts off with Hudson singing her iconic song Respect (which the film is coined after) with the word spelled out behind her in giant neon-style letters

Drakeo The Ruler – Eye Busser Lyrics (feat. Yatta)

[Verse 1: Drakeo the Ruler] Ugh, bitch we back up on that shit again Don’t run up on the Stinc Team, somebody gon’ get hit again Drakeo what that mean, I’m with all eye bussers My young nigga wildin’, he got all eye bussers Shit, I’m a lunatic Don’t snake me out my dough, we

Kevin Gates – Let It Sing lyrics

[Intro] Nigga won’t tell me, talkin’ ’bout some You twenty percent more in it (who’s that?) Nigga you control the wheel there [Chorus] Flexed up, Billy Jean, yes-uh, everything She don’t trust a nigga, nigga I don’t trust a wedding ring Flexed up, Billy Jean, yes-uh, everything She don’t trust a nigga, nigga I don’t

Nicki Minaj Says She Is Why Female Rappers Are Popping Again

TweetShare Nicki Minaj accomplishments in hip hop over the last decade cannot go unnoticed, but is she the reason why female rappers are popping again. Since breaking onto the rap scene in 2009, Nicki Minaj has dominated female rap and even won over some of the big boys in the game with whom she has