Overdrive Orchestra – American Dream lyrics

Welcome home to the land of the free Free to lose your mind A bill of rights, but who’s right to be so wrong? Woken up again from an American Dream Back to reality, a sad shadow of a nation long lost Corrupt with power but not entitled to use it Propaganda force fed to

Young Jeezy – American Dream (feat. J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar)

[Intro] (Cryin’, cryin’, cryin’) Yeah, what’s up? (Yeah, what’s up?) Welcome to America baby (uh) Home of the brave, American Dream (yeah) Uh, yeah Let’s go [Chorus: Jeezy] I just want a big ol’ bag of money when I see my jeweler Get a hard-on when I’m counting up that mula Scarface, into living life

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Deep In The Casket

[Sample] Eight track stereo, colored TV in every room And you can snort a half a piece of dope every day It’s the American Dream, nigga, well ain’t it? God knows it’s a rotten game. The only one the man left us to play That’s the stone cold truth [Planet Asia] Yea Twist something [Verse

Papa Roach – Hollywood Whore lyrics

[Intro] Hollywood whore, Passed out on the floor, I’m sorry but the party’s over. [Verse 1] Cocaine nose and trendy clothes, Gotta send her to rehab. She found out she’s got no soul, But it really doesn’t bother her. White trash queen, American Dream, Oh, what a role model. Throwing a fit, making a scene,

Bishop Lamont – Un-American (feat. Ryu & Apathy) (The Reformation G.D.N.I.A.F.T Album)

[Intro (parts of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address Jan. 17, 1961)] Good evening my fellow Americans. First I would like to express my gratitude to the radio and television networks for the opportunities they have given me over the years to bring reports and messages to our nation. We annually spend on military security