Joyner Lucas – Comprehensive Evaluation (Skit) Lyrics

Play this song [Joyner’s Doctor] Hey buddy, come in and have a seat Your mom told me you didn’t want to come in and see me today because of our last conversation And I apologize, buddy, I really do I shouldn’t have lashed out like that I was out of character I mean, you’re only eight years old And I had no business talking

Joyner Lucas – Will Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Hey Will Yeah [Chorus] I’m feelin’ like Will (Hey) I think I’m a prince, I’m feelin’ myself (Buck, buck) I’m loaded with bills, ’cause I wasn’t blessed with no Uncle Phil (Woah) Don’t know how it feels I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill) I’m makin’ a flip (Flip) My life is

Blaenavon – Michael Lyrics (feat. Francis Lung)

[Verse 1] Michael wrote a musical about pharmaceuticals The best song was called “the drugs don’t work” Pretty cynical, open night was miserable I’m not here to watch you preach about pills You should’ve seen her in Central Pasadena Debbie didn’t eat for eight whole days Send a message to APA Clarics You can’t cure it when it ain’t

Joyner Lucas – 10 Bands Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Joyner Lucas] Uh, uh-huh [Chorus: Joyner Lucas] Ten bands (Uh), twenty bands (What?) She’ll do anything for a couple grand (Uh) Never had no money but she love to dance (What?) I give all my money back to Uncle Sam My ex bitch still want another chance (What?) Man, I swear

Joyner Lucas – Broke and Stupid Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] First, we’re affected by what we know When I talk to the kids in high school classes, college classes That’s the first thing I tell ’em Get the information while they’re here Nothing worse than being stupid when you get out of school So get the information, being broke is bad

Loyle Carner – Sun Of Jean (feat. Mum & Dad)

[Verse 1: Loyle Carner] Ay, we just supported Nas Whose world is this? Bruv, of course it’s ours Saying I ain’t been the same since I caught the scars They don’t fade, I ain’t ashamed, watch us fall from Mars ‘Cause it’s the fallen parts and all the dust settles And we all call on

Kodak Black – Down N Out (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yeah I’m that youngin from the projects Stolen cars, but I’m gettin’ money now, so I bought a Jag She want me to love her, eat that pussy good Slide it in her ass, but I’m not familiar with that I’m not the student at the front seat of the class Teacher’s pet, a class