The Kinks – Live Life (US Single Mix) letras

Have you heard about trouble throughout the land With the fascists and the left wing militants Out of work executives are killing themselves And the I.R.A. are killing everybody else Don’t panic, don’t lose control Keep your head, keep ahold Act normal there’s nothing wrong Stay cool, just carry on You gotta live life and

Food Trucks – Food Truck Rocking Man (Baby!) lyrics

Ohhh, I’m hitting the road, (He’s hitting the road) Going for broke, (He’s going for broke) You can’t stop, (You can’t stop!) This a food truck rocking man! (Baby!!) Crusing down the road, doing 65 Got a sweet mama baby sitting right by my side Roll down the windows Scream at the signs This a

Shaze Tempain – Widawannepa lyrics

Sasare Nimak Nathi Gamanaka Gewena Jiwithe Widapan Widawannepa Gewena Thuru Me Awurudu Kihipaya Jiwithe Thawemin Widawannepa . Ekama Le Duwanne Sirure Paksha Paata Moka Unath Ekama Gasma Hadawathehi Aagama Kawarak Unath Husma Ganne Naththe Nahane Loke Kisima Jathiyak Okkoma Minisun Wen Kale Sithuwili Wala Bedayak Chande Ganna Ona Hinda Deshapaalu Haththa Maraganna Kiyala Kiwwa Athata

Rob Cantor – Shia Labeouf Full lyrics

You’re walking in the woods. There’s no one around, And your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him, Shia Labeouf. He’s following you About 30 feet back. He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint. He’s gaining on you. Shia Labeouf. You’re looking for your car,