Zion & Lennox – Embriágame (Motivan2 Album) letras

Tu belleza me ciega Me descontrola el sistema Voy a enloquecer contigo mujer Tu sensualidad me atrapa y no se si aguante Un minuto mas sin un beso robarte Ven acompañame donde nadie nos pueda ver Juguemos al amor como dos amantes La ropa quitarte despacio Embriágame, con tus besos matame Oh oh Oh oh

Verse Simmonds – Hard Act To Follow (To All The Girls Album) letras

[Verse 1] I bet you never walk by without a nigga tryna holla Talkin’ that, baby, what’s your number? Can I call ya? Talkin’ that, if you want mine, don’t worry ’bout a thing I could get you anything you ever wanted I put you on so you never entertain that shit These niggas just

Zion & Lennox – Otra Vez (feat. J Balvin) (Motivan2 Album) letras

De solo verte me dan ganas Precisamente en Cartagena Después de tanto me buscas Porqué será Porqué a mí Ye No te puedes ir sin contestar esa pregunta Qué es lo que quieres Qué necesidad es la que tienes Para seducirme otra vez Besarme otra vez Volverme a poner el mundo al revés Pa’ besarte

Zion & Lennox – Tuyo Y Mio (Motivan2 Album) letras

La Z y la L Motivan2 Mamasitas Guardo secretos de tu cuerpo Que se que no los descifraran, solo yo se Esos puntos débiles que a ti te hacen excitar Me los memorice muy bien Soy el dueño de tus noches Aunque ya no estés conmigo Soy tu amante escondido y preferido Digamos que tu

Zaytoven – Guwop Home (feat. Young Thug) (Where Would The Game Be Without Me Mixtape) letras

[Intro: Young Thug] Mike Willy with me nigga Big Guwop home We no longer miss you, yeah I know Guwop home We all no longer miss you [Hook: Gucci Mane & Young Thug] Dream, it’s a young nigga dream, yeah Money talk like I’m Charlie Sheen, yeah (Wop) I’m a blood but I got on

Zaytoven – Havin It (feat. Future) (Where Would The Game Be Without Me Mixtape) letras

[Intro: Maceo + (Future)] Yeah, hey (We really havin’ paper) Lil Mexico shit nigga (I’m talkin’ bout we havin’ real bands in this shit, you dig?) [Hook: Future] Yeah-yeah, we havin’ it, we havin’ it, we havin’ it We havin’ it yeah, we havin’ it yeah I got a check and I’m havin’ it I

Zaytoven – Gusto (Where Would The Game Be Without Me Mixtape) letras

[Intro] Straight out the trenches Been hoppin’ fences Fuck the forensics Nigga let’s get it I refuse to be stopped You don’t want no problems I refuse to be heard I refuse to be stopped Got niggas that’s robbin’ Hey, yeah [Hook] I’m going for the gusto, I’m going for the gusto Before I be

Flosstradamus, Fki1st & Graves – Came Up (feat. Post Malone & Key!) letras

[Hook: Post Malone] Bitch I came up and I don’t know I don’t know where I go tomorrow Bitch I came up and I don’t know I don’t know what’s gonna come tomorrow Bitch I came up and I don’t know I don’t know where I go tomorrow Bitch I came up and I don’t

SremmLife Crew – Ball Out The Lot (feat. Bobo Swae & Swae Lee) letras

[Hook: BoBo Swae] I ball out the lot I’m like, look what I got The pimpin’ ain’t gon’ never stop We takin’ this shit to the top What you mean, I got to spazz on ’em? Shawty bad, she got an ass on her Man, I’m ’bout to the hit the club again Pour me

Happiness – Ordinary Girls (Sub Español & Romanización, Kanji) letras

まずはpush upsこなす my girls 振りもbrush up して my girls 受身なんかじゃいられない Oh ナンデモできる気分 so right おまじないナンバーセヴン alright? 強力な味方はそう my girls oh 気まぐれなほどアガるの baby 止められないheartbeats (Baby baby, okay?) Supersonic girl知らないでいてね ma boy ドキドキしたいなら We can be, we can be, Ordinary girls (GIRLS!) 彼の前では Ordinary girls (GIRLS!) Boysは立てて Ordinary girls (GIRLS!) Oh we can be, Ordinary girls! OH

Ariana Grande – Thinking Bout You (Acoustic) letras

[Verse 1] A tornado flew around my room before you came Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn’t rain In Southern California, much like Arizona My eyes don’t shed tears, but, boy, they bawl [Pre-Chorus] When I’m thinkin’ ’bout you (Ooh, no, no, no) I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout you (You know, know, know) I’ve