Lavrov announced the total hybrid war declared by the West

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: The West has declared a total hybrid war on Russia Russia accepts the challenge, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed. According to Lavrov, the United States began to prepare for the current crisis since the end of the Cold War ” alt=”Lavrov announced a total hybrid war declared by the West” />

Sergei Lavrov

The collective West declared a total hybrid war against Russia, Moscow accepts the challenge. This was stated by the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov at a meeting of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, RBC correspondent reports. ; he emphasized.

According to Lavrov, Russia did everything to avoid a direct confrontation. He added that Moscow was no stranger to sanctions, since they were almost always in one form or another.


The Russian Foreign Minister noted that the meeting was taking place at a turning point, when the country, as in 1917 and 1991, faces “the choice of a historical path.” He pointed out that external circumstances are changing “deeper and wider” every day, and Russia is changing along with them, “drawing its own conclusions.”

Lavrov stressed that “even in the darkest times of the Cold War” there was no such mass expulsion of diplomats. He noted that Western countries also failed to find traitors among Russian diplomats, although such attempts were made both inside Russia and abroad.

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Russian diplomatic representatives continue to fulfill their professional duties in accordance with the requirements of the time, the Foreign Minister emphasized.

Lavrov also said that the West had finally undermined its reputation by “predatory actions against other people's tangible assets.” Now no one is safe from expropriation and “state piracy,” he concluded. Against this background, many countries are reducing their dependence on the dollar and Western technologies.

In early March, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the West had unleashed a “financial and economic war” against the country. Thus, the Western states actually declared a default on financial obligations to Russia and froze the Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves, he recalled.

Siluanov added that the Western countries “by all means” trying to restrict foreign trade and export of goods to Russia. However, these measures, according to the minister, are detrimental to world trade.

In particular, the West seeks to create a shortage of everyday imported goods in Russia and force the closure of successful enterprises with foreign capital. The head of the Russian Ministry of Finance noted that Moscow was taking measures to prevent the outflow of capital from the country, as well as establishing a special procedure for servicing external debts.

Also, in early May, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade published a list of goods for parallel imports, they can be imported into country without the consent of the copyright holder.

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