Kyle Sandilands reflects on childhood trauma as he reveals heartbreaking reason he doesn’t drink alcohol

Kyle Sandilands has shared the heartbreaking reason why he has never been a big drinker.

Reflecting on his childhood and relationship with his late father during a candid chat on Jessica Rowe‘s podcast, The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show, the radio host said he grew up in a family of “ugly” drinkers and that’s the reason why he’s turned off alcohol. 

“I didn’t drink my whole life because I saw, ‘Oh my, dad was drinking and that was what made him like that.’ These are just stupid childhood things that drag through your mind,” he said on the episode. 

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Sandilands, 51, also recalled some family members behaving badly when drunk, with some occasions involving police – and he witnessed it all when he was just a child.

“When everyone was drinking the cops would show up. Dad would then throw empty milk bottles at the police car,” he revealed.

Looking back, The Kyle & Jackie O Show host said his traumatic childhood is likely the reason for his tough exterior.

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“I am what I am. I am harsh, I am all of these things. Not many people see the soft side, people I’ve worked with, some of them see the soft side, my partner does, obviously,” he said. “A lot of the harshness may have been a front early on in my life just to suck in all of the pain and push forward. 

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“I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had no education, no nothing, no prospects, got fired from a few radio jobs. I didn’t know if the boss says, ‘Hey, don’t do that, you can’t confront him.’ And start swearing and calling him names without getting fired. So I learnt that the slow way.”

The radio host says his friends have advised him to see a therapist to address his unresolved childhood traumas. But for now, Sandilands – who welcomed his first child, Otto, with fiancée Tegan Kynaston last year – says “things were good now”.

“If I get too emotional I will just have a joint. I love weed,” he joked. 

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