Josh Hartnett and Hugh Grant joke about bromance on the set of Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre

In the new Guy Ritchie spy movie Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre there’s a lot of action, comedy and even a budding bromance.

Josh Hartnett and Hugh Grant‘s characters in the film become unlikely friends as Harnett’s movie star character, Danny Francesco, befriends Grant’s billionaire arms dealer persona, Greg Simmonds, during an undercover operation.

The Hollywood heavyweights joked with 9Honey Celebrity that their on-screen chemistry spilled off-screen while filming in Turkey during the pandemic.

Watch video above.

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“Hugh must be enamoured by me,” Hartnett says over Zoom, prompting Grant to jump in, saying: “Oh, I was very in love with you Josh, while we were in Turkey. And you threw me away like a holiday romance.”

“That’s so not true,” Hartnett replies with a chuckle.

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Then, getting serious for a moment, the Black Hawk Down actor says the experience on-set, which was a three-month shoot in early 2021, was one of the best he’s ever had.

“We’re lucky on this set – we had a lot of fun people on the movie and I feel like with Hugh, there’s always some joke just around the corner that you weren’t expecting,” Hartnett tells 9Honey Celebrity.

“I had a lot more fun on this set than I’ve had on a lot of sets.”

Co-star Aubrey Plaza, of Parks and Recreation fame, shared a similar sentiment.

“It was really fun! We were in Turkey for three months, so we really got into it,” Plaza tells 9Honey Celebrity.

The White Lotus actress said director Guy Ritchie was the biggest prankster on set but she came a close second.

“I tried to ruffle people’s feathers a little bit, play my music a little bit too loud in trailers to try and piss Hugh Grant off, that was fun,” she laughed.

“But yeah, we had fun — it was just me and the boys.”

Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre is in cinemas around Australia on January 12.

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