JoJo Siwa’s ex Avery Cyrus says their relationship was ‘very real’ after singer claims she was ‘tricked’ into thinking she was loved

The ex-girlfriend of pop star JoJo Siwa has spoken out after the singer seemingly implied she got “played” and was “used for views” in a rant about a past relationship.

The 19-year-old YouTube sensation was dating TikTok content creator Avery Cyrus, but they split this week after just three months of dating.

Shortly after Cyrus made their breakup public on TikTok, Siwa’s mum, Jessalynn, posted an Instagram video of the Dance Moms alum pacing up and down in a hotel room while lamenting about a previous relationship. 

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When Jessalynn asked the star why she was “mad,” Siwa said it was “because I got used, for views and for clout”.

“I got tricked into being told I was in love and I got f—ing played,” she added.

Watch the video above.

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Although Siwa did not name Cyrus directly, the 22-year-old appeared to take the comment to heart.

“From my perspective, me and JoJo left on great terms and are still friends,” Cyrus told E! News after the clip went viral. “The relationship was very real, and I have nothing but love for JoJo and her family.”

“I’m still very hurt that JoJo broke up with me. And I’m saddened and confused by the situation,” she added. 

It appears Siwa’s rant was brought on after Cyrus posted a TikTok video with her ex-girlfriend, Sophia Mosca.

In the clip which apparently took Siwa by surprise, Cyrus and Mosca revealed they were going to Europe together soon because someone had booked them a “non-refundable” trip – tickets that were booked eight months ago before Cyrus started dating Siwa.

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The Boomerang singer was first linked to Cyrus in August, with the pair debuting their relationship in a TikTok video, which Siwa captioned: “Happiest girl.”

It was Cyrus who announced their split this week, naturally in a TikTok video.

“We decided that we are better off as friends,” Cyrus told fans on the platform. “We are both so young and still just trying to figure our stuff out.”

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