Jennifer Lopez insists she had ‘the best time’ with Ben Affleck at Grammys despite his grumpy face

Jennifer Lopez has done some serious damage control, insisting she and Ben Affleck had “the best time” at the Grammys, despite the actor’s persistently grumpy face.

The Let’s Get Loud singer shared a video post to Instagram, documenting her time at the event, which included a video and photos of her and her husband.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of footage for Lopez to work with, with the single video of them used only serving to prove how much Affleck clearly didn’t want to be at the awards show.

Watch the video above.

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In the video, Lopez and Affleck are getting their photo taken at the Grammys, held at the Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday.

At one point, Lopez tilts her head back for a kiss. Affleck pecks his wife on the lips before quickly turning his face back to the cameras, leaving her with her head still tilted back.

After the awkward moment, the Marry Me star lifts her head back to look at the cameras, looking a little disgruntled. The pair then awkwardly stands together while cameras continue to flash.

She captioned the post, “Always the best time with my love, my husband.”

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In other photos, the pair smile together, though Affleck’s face looks strained. The rest of the video is filled with footage and photos of Lopez showing off her gorgeous Gucci gown and embracing stars including Mary J Blige and Bad Bunny.

Affleck’s grumpy Grammys face has attracted plenty of attention since the ceremony, given there is, unfortunately, plenty of footage and photos that document it.

The media has even gone one step further, calling on a lipreader to read a certain video in which Lopez appears to be telling Affleck to “sit up straight” during the night.

It seemed nothing could quite get Affleck out of his awards show funk, with the actor sulking through Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson’s live performance, host Trevor Noah’s gags and just about every acceptance speech.

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Lopez’s most recent post hasn’t managed to fool fans. Plenty have pointed out that her words don’t quite translate with the photos or videos.

“Leave Ben home. Clearly it’s not his thing,” one fan commented.

“The pictures and video I saw did not portray happiness,” another wrote.

“Lol she posts this now after every news outlet is talking about how miserable Ben looked last night,” a third noted.

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