Country singer Jimmie Allen calls out ‘lazy doctors’ after newborn daughter stops breathing when prematurely discharged from hospital

Country music star Jimmie Allen has taken aim at medical staff who he claims prematurely discharged his newborn daughter from the hospital. 

Speaking out on social media, the singer was not impressed with “lazy doctors” who assessed five-week-old Zara and were adamant she be sent home from a Tennessee hospital yesterday, only for the family to return when she “stopped breathing”.

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“Attention doctors, if the parent of your one-month-old patient tells you the child having a hard time breathing and the only thing your lazy self wants to do is check heart and temperature, find another career. Your job is to save lives so do it,” the 36-year-old — who this year won New Artist of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards — wrote on both Twitter and Instagram Story.

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Allen — who collaborated with Brad Paisley on the 2020 hit ‘Freedom Was A Highway’ — said Zara’s health took a turn for the worse when she was discharged. But thanks to emergency medical technicians, the newborn was able to breathe again. 

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“Now thanks to the lazy doctors at a hospital in TN that just sent our daughter home, our daughter Zara lost color stopped breathing and is being rushed to another hospital,” he continued. “Thanks to the amazing EMT team that brought back Zara’s color she can breath again. Gonna be a rough night.”

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Allen’s wife Alexis also expressed her distress about the situation while sharing a photo of Zara in hospital.

“The hardest days of my life. She is stable but still needing oxygen and suctioning frequently. Will give you an update once Z is healthy and heading home with us,” she wrote on Instagram Story. “Thank you so much for all of your kind words and prayers. It truly means the world to our family.”

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