Chet Hanks says famous parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson ‘never’ gave him an allowance: ‘The brokest rich kid’

The son of Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson has made a surprising claim about his upbringing.

In an interview for Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan, Chet Hanks said that he didn’t have the posh upbringing most people would think. The 31-year-old said growing up with famous parents was a “doubled-edged sword” and he was not as privileged as it seemed.

“People assume I lived this super privileged life, richy rich, and that just wasn’t the case. It was actually the opposite,” he said. “They never f—ing gave me an allowance. I don’t know if I’m the brokest rich kid or the richest broke kid.”

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Chet, 31, also claimed his parents put him on a “short leash growing up” as he vividly recalled the moment his mum lost it after discovering he was smoking weed.

“I love my mum and dad a lot but it was kind of inevitable that I rebelled because they had me on a really short leash,” he recalled. “For example, when I got caught smoking weed, my mum was in absolute hysterics. It was bad.”

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When he was 17 and in junior high, Chet said he was then sent away to a wilderness program. 

“It was four in the morning, the lights flick on and there are two huge dudes in my room, bodybuilder-looking, like bouncer types, bald,” he recalled. “And they said you’re coming with us. We can do this the easy way or the hard way and they just put me on the back of a car and drove me out to the middle of nowhere.”

But the aspiring rapper concluded that he never wished he had different parents, despite his challenging upbringing.

“Sometimes I just wish I could have been more anonymous,” he said. 

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